We are part of an interdependent network of healthy, mission-shaped communities of fresh hope – Churches of Christ in NSW.  We join with over 100 communities of faith to form this network.   

Telopea Church of Christ, also known as Telopea Christian Centre is a church that exists for people to know and enjoy God, and we want to reach people far from God and show them how to live a deeply satisfying life in Jesus, with others, in the world they live.


To Make, Mature and Multiply Disciples on Mission

We believe the following statements reflect who we are

  • The Bible is the inerrant word of God inspired by the Holy Spirit.  It is our only creed and guide
  • We believe in the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
  • The Lord Jesus is the only head of the Church
  • We believe we are saved to eternal life through faith in Jesus Christ
  • We believe in the resurrection of Christ and that He will come again
  • We practise baptism by water immersion
  • We celebrate the Lord’s Supper on a weekly basis and on other times when we meet together

Flowing from the above our Core Values are

LORDSHIP        Christ is actively working to bring all things in and under His authority. He is the Head of the church and we live

OF CHRIST        in obedience to Him.

GOD’S LOVE     Having been submerged into the union of the fellowship of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, our life together is experienced in

                             God’s love.

LEADERSHIP     In living healthy spiritual leadership we seek to influence healthy spiritual individuals, families and churches to be  

                               spiritually healthy.

PEOPLE               Because people are the focus of God’s redemptive purpose, we seek to build relationship with Him and each other,

                               bringing freedom and life to the full.

GROWTH            We will seek to disciple all people, enabling them to live authentic Christ formed lives, growing into all that He has


PRAYER               Allows us to be intimately connected with God and to actively participate in His Kingdom and rule.

MISSION              We are blessed to be a blessing to our community, our nation and to people wherever God takes us in the world. This

                                extends us into adventure beyond what we find comfortable.

CELEBRATION   Living in Christ’s victory, we celebrate all of life in God wholeheartedly.